Limestone CollegeMany educational institutions are still using manual processes to register students. Manual maintaining student records is a time-consuming, error-prone process that can leave sensitive information vulnerable to theft, loss or natural disaster.

Established in 1845, in Gaffney, South Carolina, Limestone College offers a rich history. Buildings across the campus are on the National Register of Historic Places. Over the hundreds of years in existence, the registration office has accumulated over hundreds of thousands of student records. Boxes and boxes of records had taken over the entire third floor of the building, limiting the schools' ability to grow. Some of the records are one of the kind documents that would be devastating to lose. It would take staff hours to dig through the boxes to find requested student records, wasting hours of productivity a day. Staff knew it was time to manage their records electronically to increase productivity, clear out valuable space, and protect their historic records.

Registrar staff found their solution through Digitech Systems reseller, Advanced Imaging Systems (AIS). AIS helped staff implement PaperVision® Enterprise, an on-premise document management solution, to manage their records electronically. IT staff loved that installation took just a couple hours and staff could be trained on the system in minutes. Registrar staff was able to repurpose storage space into student space and improve productivity across the entire college.

"PaperVision Enterprise enables us to save time and increase efficiency, but most importantly, it empowers us to better manage and preserve our history."

- Adam Long, Associate VP for IT, Limestone College