Enhance Efficiency, Gain Control and Save Money with ECMNOW!

In the legal services industry, profitability is dependent upon effective information management. Law firms and corporate counsel spend the majority of their time researching records, preparing court documents, managing case information and ensuring regulatory compliance. The number of documents law firms manage is staggering. With an information-dependent business, law firms need document preparation and information management. ECMNOW! can enable law firms and corporations to:

  • Manage information electronically to improve efficiency.
  • Enhance control and protect the integrity of information and evidence.
  • Save money by reducing costs and enhancing profitability.


Create Efficiency with Electronic Documents

As a law firm, you are looking for ways to improve productivity while handling client services and day-to-day operations, and your attorneys need quality document preparation that doesn’t consume your time and legal staff resources. Your law firm needs to make information easy to handle and share. ECMNOW! can replace sluggish paper-based legal processes with convenient electronic systems to create efficiency.

  • Create full-text searchable PDF files that allow you to quickly pinpoint case information.
  • Capture and release all electronic documents to a wide variety of applications for greater efficiency.
  • Number and reference electronic documents using your existing naming conventions so less training is needed for the upgraded system.

“Paper is out of control at many enterprises today. Paper is mismanaged, misfiled, and often absent from enterprise content management strategies that emphasize electronic records. And there’s definitely too much paper considering the glut of paper records under the auspices of many firms.”

—Marcia Judd
“Don’t Forget the Paper,” AIIM


Control Evidence and Case Information

Attorneys are trusted to protect private client information while sharing them with support staff, outside counsel and courts. Today’s strict compliance laws require your firm to electronically secure case records to protect legal admissibility. ECMNOW! provides uncompromised control features that guard documents and provide proof that content has not been changed.

  • Maintain a record for every document operation a user performs using enhanced auditing.
  • Use multiple security levels to limit information access and to control a user’s ability to view sensitive information and edit case documents.
  • Save private client files and contracts in an easily-accessible digital records system that provides security.


“ImageSilo® is saving us time and money while streamlining the document management process across our organization. As electronic records, client files are easier to send, share, process and protect. Our field staff can go to any client’s office, upload documents remotely and make them immediately available online to staff back at the office for processing. It’s fast, convenient and highly secure.”

—Sherman Chen, IT Coordinator & Project Manager
Health Care Legal Services

Save Money by Reducing Costs and Enhancing Profitability

Law firms must cost effectively manage all types of documents, including confidential case information and email. Both PaperVision® Enterprise and ImageSilo can efficiently handle contracts, client correspondence, and sensitive case information, so practices can save money.

  • Drive productivity by enabling staff to automate document processing for standard business records and case proceedings.
  • Outsource your ECM service so you don’t spend money on hardware, software or IT resources.
  • Search for case information within a document, helping corporate counsel to avoid costly records investigations.


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