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Is Your Document Management Strategy Outdated?

System of Record (SoR) is a new way of thinking about business records and the processes that govern information across enterprise departments. In the past, the term was occasionally used to describe the file "dumping ground" or group share location that lacked organization and security. Today, SoR offers consistent organization, secure storage and accessibility, records retention policies, process automation, and more. No matter your business needs, an efficient and easy-to-use SoR can intelligently manage your documents throughout their lifecycle.

Interested in intelligently managing your records? You're in luck! allows you to easily organize and protect your critical business information. As a SoR, can directly engage employees with information, allowing them to collaborate, share files remotely, collect information online, and move documents through business processes, all within an easy-to-use and easy-to-implement application.

Create automated retention schedules

Restrict access to certain documents

Track user activity within documents

Automate business processes

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How Can A System of Record Benefit Your Organization?

A SoR includes information management policies and systems that securely store critical data, manage the document lifecycle, and empower business process automation. Download this helpful infographic to learn about the top ten advantages a SoR provides your organization.

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How Effective is Your System of Record?

Systems of Record represent newest enterprise content management opportunity that can help any organization manage their business information. This simple diagram shows that a SoR is the foundation for each information lifecycle stage.

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Can Information Really be Your Company's Most Valuable Asset?

The single biggest determinant of the value of information is the way you choose to manage it. It's time to stop thinking about storage and start thinking about a System of Record (SoR) to manage your business information.

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