ImageSilo® Helps National Jewish Medical Health Streamline Processes While Maintaining HIPAA Compliance


National Jewish Medical and Research Center

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Rocky Mountain Microfilm and Imaging, Denver, CO


Overwhelmed by quantity of paper records and difficulty of managing that information



Recognized Benefit

“The implementation of ImageSilo has streamlined our record keeping processes while allowing us to maintain full compliance with HIPAA regulations. We have access to everything we need when we need it, and we are saving money.”

– John Frantz, Reimbursement, Contracting and Patient Business Office Manager

As the nation’s #1 respiratory hospital, National Jewish Health handles 38,000 patient visits annually, generating tens of thousands of documents. With the advent of HIPAA, National Jewish Health needed an electronic records system allowing quick records retrieval and providing protected health information (PHI) security and confidentiality.

Key Benefits

  • Saved 450 hours of productivity in claims processing per month
  • Decreased storage space devoted to documents by 340 sq. ft.
  • Improved information security in compliance with HIPAA regulations
  • Reduced processing time by 50%

Following the implementation of ImageSilo® in 2001, National Jewish has saved time spent on records, improved record-keeping accuracy and enhanced the security of PHI. “We are quite pleased with the results,” said Sergio Rodarte, Collections Supervisor for National Jewish. “ImageSilo is easy to use and it places all the critical information we need literally at our employees fingertips.”

The Situation

For more than a century, National Jewish Medical and Research Center has provided medical research and treatment for patients with respiratory, immune and allergic disorders. For eight consecutive years, US News and World Report has ranked them the #1 respiratory hospital in the nation, andThomson Scientific has ranked National Jewish among the world’s 25 most influential research institutions in the area of respiratory disorders.

In compliance with HIPAA, the Medical Center kept paper records under lock and key access to preserve the confidentiality of PHI. Employees with a legitimate reason to see records located an employee with a key and signed out access to each file. Although they utilized a sophisticated coding system, files were often difficult to locate because they had already been pulled or they were misfiled. In addition, this lock and key system controlled access to the room, but individual files and folders were open.

The manual, paper-based filing process was time consuming and expensive. As the quantity of patient files increased, so did the need for storage. Turnaround time on locating documents could take as long as two or three days, further delaying other processes and other departments.

John Frantz said, “Our goals in implementing Enterprise Content Management (ECM) included improving document retrieval times and reducing the costs associated with records management. We also wanted to implement a process that allowed us to comply with HIPAA security and audit trail regulations while creating a defined process for the document lifecycle.”

The Solution

The Medical Center installed ImageSilo the industry leading on-demand ECM system in May 2001. They chose ImageSilo for several reasons. All their records are now securely and instantly accessible via the internet. ImageSilo, as a hosted system, had minimal impact on the Medical Center’s IT resources. They did not have to invest in servers and other hardware to store the electronic files, and the IT staff did not need to devote time and energy to maintaining the ECM system.

ImageSilo is also significantly easier to install and train than some of the other options considered—less than two weeks for the more than eighteen daily system users. And training for new hires is now “down to minutes.” The system, first installed in Accounts Receivable, Medical Staff and Medical Records, was so successful that Human Resources records were added in spring 2006.

Recognized Benefits

ImageSilo helped National Jewish reach their records management goals. Document retrieval times are down from as long as two to three days to just seconds, which has freed up 450 hours of productivity each month. ImageSilo has streamlined processes all over the facility including accounts receivable processing, medical charting, and hiring. Any approved employee who needs to view a record, simply logs into the system, types in a search term, and chooses the appropriate document from the list of matches presented. In addition, multiple users can view the same file simultaneously; files don’t get out of order; and they are easier to locate.

They have also reduced costs. When the Medical Center recently moved to a new facility, they did not have to plan for the 340 square feet previously needed for files. Instead, they have been able to devote their full facility to staff and patient care. They have reduced paper generation by 50 percent and saved money on printing and mailing costs—not to mention labor cost savings from increased productivity.

A key concern in today’s medical industry is compliance with HIPAA regulations. ImageSilo’s multiple security levels make it easy to provide secure access for more than 50 daily system users, who see only information they are pre-approved to see. In addition, an enhanced auditing feature tracks system users’ access and activity, including when they distribute records outside the system, to whom they distribute records and the disclosure purpose.

The system facilitated a defined document lifecycle, making all records instantly accessible regardless of age or frequency of access. John Frantz says, “We have reduced the time spent on records management, improved record-keeping accuracy, and enhanced the security of protected health information. ImageSilo has made our lives so much easier.”

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