What is a Vital Record?

A vital record is any record that is needed for organizations to start over from scratch following a natural disaster, cyber-attack, or other catastrophe. Vital records are critical to business operations, so it’s important to know exactly where they are located. Historically, many organizations have relied on a “keep everything” mentality when it comes to their critical business information because they worry they might need the information one day. This data hoarding mentality makes it difficult for organizations to maintain control, eventually leading to information chaos. Can your organization confidently claim that your vital business records are in a consistent system? If not, it may be time to update your information management system. The most effective way for organizations to securely store, access, and retain vital records is with a System of Record (SoR).

A SoR includes information management policies and systems that securely store critical data, manage the document lifecycle, and empower business process automation. A SoR helps organizations manage the growth of big data by serving as the primary source for maintaining vital records and as the foundation of the document lifecycle. With this infographic, you will learn how to:

  • Simplify project and team collaborations
  • Improve security of sensitive information
  • Receive a great Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Manage big data effectively
  • And much more!

Is your organization able to find the data you need when you need it? With a SoR, you gain control of your information and provide secure access to vital records throughout the entire document lifecycle. Download this helpful infographic to learn how you can simplify records management for your organization.


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