Why do our products win award after award?

In today’s business world many businesses are making a digital transformation when it comes to managing their information. When looking at systems to help them make a digital transformation, businesses should look for products with development principles focused on their biggest needs.

For more than 50 years, Buyers Laboratory has been the world's leading independent product evaluator specializing in the Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and imaging industries, and their product analysts consistently perform a thorough evaluation of the entire line of Digitech Systems ECM and process automation software and cloud services. What do they have to say about the PaperVision® product suite after performing hours of evaluations and analysts?

Forbes reports that 80% of features in the average software product are never used. This sheet will help you understand how Digitech Systems products are developed with the features you need to digitally transform your business. With this sheet you'll learn:

  • What the analysts at Buyers Laboratory have to say about the PaperVision Product suite.
  • About the award’s the PaperVision product suite has recently won.
  • The core development philosophy that PaperVision products are built on.

What are you waiting for? Start your digital transformation with an award-winning product suite today!

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