Information management is a critical part of any business, but growing data can quickly get out of control. The first step towards effective information management is to examine some of the common document types and the way in which they are typically used, so that you can streamline your business processes and gain control of the information your business relies on.

With traditional information management processes, employees are responsible for handling paper-based documents and hand-keying data into applications. Not only is this outdated process inefficient, time-consuming, and prone to human error, it also leads to difficulties in providing quality customer service and making timely, informed business decisions. Thanks to today’s scanning and imaging technologies, organizations of all sizes are seeing the benefits of converting their business documents into digital files in order to securely store and manage them in the cloud.

Made instantly searchable by keyword search, backed by 99.9% uptime, and protected by multiple layers of security, all of your business information is under control and securely accessible 24/7 with our Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions. Your employees can easily find the information they need in seconds, boosting efficiency and speeding up responses to customer requests. ECM makes it easy for your business to improve organizational efficiencies while reducing the overall cost of information management.

In this eBook, you will learn:

  • What kinds of documents are essential for your business.
  • Typical processes for common business documents.
  • The challenges of traditional document storage.
  • How you can effectively manage and organize your information.
  • The benefits of effective information management.

Download this helpful eBook, “How Documents Get Used” to learn more about how you can gain control of your business information!

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