Are you able to securely access your information from anywhere, whenever you need it? According to AIIM, “75% of organizations report having trouble getting the right information to the right process worker." With the amount of data businesses manage constantly increasing, employees are finding it more difficult and time-consuming to find and share the documents they need in order to complete a work task. Data is commonly scattered across multiple applications or hidden in layers of folders on your network. Many organizations are moving to cloud storage, but simple file storage does not adequately organize or protect information, complicating retrieval and compliance.

How can ImageSilo make it easy to find and share documents? ImageSilo is a cloud information management system that provides secure access to your documents from anywhere, at any time, so you always have your information when you need it. Offering key features such as 99.9% uptime, powerful search, multiple layers of security, and version control, ImageSilo offers sophisticated organization to improve organizational efficiencies. Plus, the benefits don't stop there. With ImageSilo, you can:

  • Increase efficiency in your organization by enabling secure, 24/7 access from anywhere, on virtually any device.
  • Save time and improve employee productivity with keyword searches, allowing you to find any document in seconds.
  • Reduce the cost per document processed, improve customer service, and protect your information by managing files electronically.

Thousands of organizations trust ImageSilo, which launched in 1999 as the first cloud content management service available, to manage their critical corporate content. Rest easy knowing your data is protected by the world’s most-trusted Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system, and focus more time on moving your business forward.

Watch this short video to learn how ImageSilo makes it easy for you to find and share documents!

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