Frisbie Memorial HospitalMany hospitals are still using manual processes to manage patient information. Manual processes produce physical records that are time-consuming and costly for staff to manage. Having to store and navigate through thousands of physical documents can make responding to patient requests for information a much more tedious and time-consuming task for staff then it needs to be. Physically managing records also leaves sensitive patient health information (PHI) vulnerable to security threats or loss.

Frisbie Memorial Hospital has provided excellent patient care in the state of New Hampshire for nearly 100 years. The hospital manages information for thousands of patients who can all request access to their records. Each patient file consisted of at least nine pieces of paper per patient. These records need to be securely stored and accessible in response to a potential patient request, which made responding to patient requests a time-consuming task for staff, costing the department thousands in additional operating costs annually. The hospital prides itself on constantly investing in new technology to improve diagnosis and treatment for patients. Staff knew that if they wanted to continue to provide the best patient care possible, it was time for them to start electronically managing patient records, so staff set out to find a solution.

Staff worked with Digitech Systems reseller, New England Document Systems. Staff decided to initially implement PaperVision® Enterprise, an on-premise document management system, to securely manage patient records electronically in-house. Once the need for secure and remote access to patient records became evident, staff implemented ImageSilo®, a cloud-based document management solution, to store patient records for secure remote access. Today, the hospital securely manages hundreds of thousands of documents electronically. They can now find patient records instantly, allowing them to regain thousands of hours in staff productivity and improve overall patient care.

"Digitech Systems provides us with a measurable and impressive reduction in records management costs and helps us to ensure patients’ privacy and confidentiality. Everyone in our organization benefits from our efficient records system."

- Al Felgar, President and CEO, Frisbie Memorial Hospital