Filing Source Cuts Processing Times by 50% and Expands Business with PaperVision® Capture


Filing Source, Inc.


Needed an information capture solution that expanded their capabilities, provided quality technical support and helped them expand their business


PaperVision® Capture

Recognized Benefit

Implemented an infinitely customizable capture solution that is responsive to their customer service inquiries and enables them to stay focused on building business

As a business that provides professional scanning and imaging services, Filing Source, Inc. (FSI) converts more than 12 million paper documents into electronic images each year. Their business depends on reliable software for information capture, but CIO Jack Bobeck, wasn’t happy with their capture solution. He was frustrated with its limited capabilities and angered by the poor customer service they received from the software manufacturer. Meanwhile, hard economic times were pressuring him to find innovative ways to expand business and do more with less.

Key Benefits

  • Reduced records scanning and indexing processing times by 50%
  • Saved $12,000 each year by eliminating capture software click fees
  • Enabled FSI to enter new markets with complex needs
  • Recognized full project payback within two months on a Digitech Systems’ Professional Services project

Bobeck never expected to find answers to both his challenges in one place, but he did. Since converting their service bureau to PaperVision Capture, FSI has found a flexible capture solution that does everything they need. At the same time, they have significantly reduced the amount of time it takes to scan and index documents while creating more time to grow their business.

The Situation

FSI ( is a 30-year old document management company dedicated to solution development for commercial clients. This family-owned business in Jacksonville, FL evolved from paper warehouse services to microfilm and electronic document management solutions. Today they offer records storage, imaging services, paper shredding, filing products, records management and identification badge solutions.

One of FSI’s larger customers is a healthcare clinic. Every month they deliver 500,000 paper medical records that need to be scanned. Not only are the project requirements challenging, the customer expects a 24-hour turnaround. Using their old document capture software, FSI struggled to perform the work. The system limited employees to just one scanner and forced them to process only one bin of documents at a time. “Everything had to be processed in perfect sequential order and we couldn’t assign multiple scanning stations to the job. It took us eight hours to process the 12 to 20 document bins that were delivered daily,” said Bobeck. “Those inefficiencies were detrimental to our business because we couldn’t get the work out in a timely manner.” To add to the problem, IT Assistant Tom Jones wasn’t getting the support he needed from the software manufacturer to customize the system, fix problems and keep their operation running smoothly. “We would wait days to get questions answered and issues resolved,” said Jones. “We couldn’t be self-sufficient because we couldn’t customize our processes or do anything in the software without consulting the manufacturer first.”

Feeling the squeeze of the recent recession, Bobeck was also seeking ways to find a competitive advantage and expand the business without increasing costs. Not only did he need a capture solution that would meet challenging customer demands, he wanted ways to enable their business to be more efficient and enter new markets.

The Solution

FSI was familiar with Digitech Systems’ products and had heard about PaperVision Capture, the flexible capture technology. “We had experience with PaperFlow™ and knew first-hand that Digitech Systems would be responsive to our needs,” said Jones. “Plus, we learned that product experts could help us implement and customize PaperVision Capture for our unique projects.”

FSI invested a lot of time developing the old capture software for complex medical file projects, and they were nervous about being able to duplicate the work using a new system. “We weren’t even sure if we could migrate to a new solution,” said Bobeck. But after using a demonstration account to test the product with their most demanding scanning projects, they were convinced.

To ease the transition, FSI hired Digitech Systems’ Professional Services Division to implement PaperVision Capture, customize the system for special customer jobs and provide introductory training. “The Professional Services team was there every step of the way,” said Bobeck. “They understood our most complex projects and were available immediately with just a phone call or email. Certified professionals built custom code for us, so we could export images to file formats our customers wanted. It worked out so well that we hired them again later for another project.”

Recognized Benefits

Immediately, FSI could see the PaperVision Capture difference—medical records processing times have been cut in half. Indexing is easier and faster now because employees have the ability to rotate images, insert document breaks and make edits to the document during the indexing step. Instead of performing five different steps to scan documents, administrators can do it all in just one. Better still, the flexible solution works well with their distributed capture environment. PaperVision Capture doesn’t require image processing to be handled by the scan station computer. So now FSI can process all data on the server, where resources can be allocated appropriately and downtime is minimized. “PaperVision Capture took the pain out of our scanning and imaging processes. It has really helped us improve efficiency and increase production,” said Bobeck. “We aren’t waiting on the scan station to output data. The minute one document bin is scanned, we can move on to the next one. We can do more with the same amount of people and resources. I am very happy with the solution.”

“There isn’t a customer project that we fear anymore. With PaperVision Capture nothing is beyond our ability. We can handle more diverse requirements and we’re bringing in more business because of it.”

-Jack Bobeck, CIO

Bobeck and Jones are thrilled with the cost savings and technical support they have received. PaperVision Capture doesn’t charge click fees based on the software usage, so FSI is saving $12,000 each year compared to their old software. When they have a question, Digitech Systems’ technical support answers the phone in seconds and closes most cases on the same day.

With the productivity savings, FSI has freed up time to take on new scanning projects and leveraged the savings to spend more resources on building the business. “PaperVision Capture does anything we want it to do. So, we aren’t struggling to get projects done—we’re out there developing new business,” said Bobeck.

Using PaperVision Capture as a competitive differentiator, FSI is earning new business. An engineering firm asked FSI to scan 11×17 documents at 400 dots per inch and produce clear, crisp images. “Because of PaperVision Capture we were one of just two companies in the entire southeast that could do the job and we won the deal,” said Bobeck. FSI is also using Professional Services to meet more customer needs and land more contracts. “We hired Professional Services to build another complex custom export for a new customer, and we received project payback in less than two months,” he said. With so much potential, Bobeck is hopeful that 2010 will be his best year ever. “We have big projects coming in. So we’re hiring more people and expanding our business. It’s great!”

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