Is Your Organization Protected if You Are Involved in a Lawsuit?

The Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP) govern all civil actions and proceedings in U.S. district courts. If an organization is involved in a civil action in federal court, FRCP procedures, including precedents for eDiscovery, must be followed. Companies involved in a lawsuit must preserve documents, including email messages, as evidence. Risks of non-compliance can include fines, criminal penalties, and obstruction of justice charges.

What if you could ensure all your organization’s data was able to be produced in a timely manner if you are ever involved in a lawsuit?

Improve your understanding of these important legal regulations with this easy-to-read two-page compliance brief that helps you match specific FRCP needs with the unique technology you need to reduce your legal vulnerability. Create a strong FRCP compliance strategy that you are confident in with the Digitech Systems suite of products.

Control your records in a secure and easily accessible environment, improve productivity, and save the entire organization money.

Become an FRCP expert and learn what your organization needs to do if you ever need to respond to a court order.

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