Businesses needed to immediately adapt to stay at home orders, so many implemented technologies that support telework essentially overnight. There is still uncertainty around how long it will be until employees return to the office, with some even expected to continue teleworking for the foreseeable future. The amount of employees teleworking is only going to rise so organizations must have the technologies and features in place to support effective telework. However, with many organizations unfamiliar with telework, how do you choose the right features for your remote collaboration needs?

Thankfully, Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems make it possible for organizations to effectively collaborate, even when you have employees teleworking. The problem is that the affordable ECM systems do not have all of the features or capabilities you need for effective collaboration, while the more costly ECM systems have more features than your organization needs. When purchasing an ECM system for effective collaboration there are some features you must have and others that are desirable or not necessary.

This infographic outlines the key features that make remote collaboration simple. Learn why you should look for these features when purchasing an ECM system.

  1. Full-text Search
  2. Audit Reporting
  3. Document Encryption
  4. Document Check Out/In

By implementing an ECM system with these key features you will be able to effectively collaborate while working remote. Effective remote collaboration helps companies perform better by streamline processes, like approving documents, leading to an increase in revenue.

“Companies that leverage collaboration as an organizational skill are 5x more likely to be high performing.”

- AIIM, 2019
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What features do you need for effective remote collaboration? Download this infographic to find out!

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