Despite many organizations being mainly digital, often times they still physically gather signatures to approve work items. Typically it involves printing a document signing it yourself, faxing it to another party and waiting for them to print, sign and fax it back. Then it’s printed yet a third time and stored in a file cabinet forever. You may not even realize it, but this is a substantial time waster.

What if there was a better way? Electronic signatures allow you to skip the tedious steps of printing, signing, faxing, and repeat and it’s simple to set up! When you have an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system in place, such as ImageSilo®, a cloud-based ECM, signing documents couldn’t be easier! The electronic signatures addition allows users to include a validated electronic form or signature with a document as part of a review or approval process. When you need a document signed, you can simply stamp the signature right on the document and continue it on its path. No printing needed!

Read this white paper and found out how adding electronic signatures to your processes will save you money on not only printing costs, but it will save you hours and hours of productivity.