Businesses have always relied on paper forms to collect information from customers and business partners. Did you know according to Gartner a single paper form can cost you $165? Just add human errors and the process gets further muddled. Many organizations are looking to increase efficiencies to gain information control in adding features such as workflow, e-forms, and electronic signatures applications to enhance their existing content management strategies.

E-forms allows companies to digitize data from the point of origin by collecting customer information using an electronic form. Once the form has been completed the data and then goes through the workflow and the information is automated. These technologies together can dramatically boost office productivity. 

Collect information electronically using e-forms, eliminating paper records at their source. Further, boost your ROI from the technology investment of PaperVision® E-Forms, PaperVision® Enterprise WorkFlow, and PaperVision® Enterprise to eliminate paper records right from the source and to maintain secure, electronic records throughout the approval process. 

Learn how to cut the paper out if your office today!