Educational institutions are one of the largest consumers of Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

There are over 140,000 educational institutions in the U.S. alone. Many institutions are looking to do more with less budget and need solutions that are easy-to-use and help them automate their manual processes. ECMNOW! can help comply with federal regulations, growing student numbers, and shrinking budgets.

  • Leverage our patented artificial intelligence (AI) engine to recognize and sort student records and standard business documents, such as finance and human resources, automatically.
  • Easy setup gets you up and running in just hours or days, not weeks or months.
  • Intelligently locate records in seconds with keyword searches from anywhere, at any time.

  • Protect information when stored and transmitted using multiple levels of security, user controls, and encryption.
  • Securely manage student records to ensure compliance with federal regulations such as the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).
  • Get the peace of mind that comes from knowing your documents are always protected if disaster strikes by securely storing your documents in the cloud.

  • Reduce operational expenses by extracting document data automatically.
  • Turn document storage space into instructional space and student services.
  • Save money by eliminating hardware and IT costs by managing records in the cloud.

“At a time when the workload is increasing and resources are already stretched thin, ECM looks to be a way for higher education professionals to graduate to digital ways of working, which is more productive, costs less and have a better outlook in the future.”

Thomas LaMonte, Market Intelligence Analyst
AIIM – The Global Community of Information Professionals

What Problems Can ECMNOW! Solve?

What if you could reduce the amount of time and money your school or university spends on operational expenses? Use ECMNOW! to digitize, manage, store, and route your student records and standard business documents to improve productivity, while securely protecting sensitive information and saving money on operational expenses.

Automate Manual Processes
Do you need to improve productivity? Eliminate manual data entry and manual processing. Leverage AI with our PaperVision® Forms Magic Technology to extract and sort not only student records but standard business documents as well. Optional Business Rules can further assist you by automating complex processes saving you additional time and money.

Comply with FERPA Regulations
Are your files protected in accordance with federal regulations? Under FERPA, schools must account for each student record released, shared, and requested. With ECMNOW!, document tracking is automatically applied making audits a breeze, saving you valuable time and money.

Intelligently Manage Information
To ensure users have access to only what they need, ImageSilo® has multiple layers of security, including transmission, system, data, and application security. Administrators can lock down private data in compliance with a wide variety of regulations, and automated document retention and destruction policies simplify records storage. Encryption further protects data both during transmission and when stored.

Reduce Operating Costs
How much is manually managing student records and documents costing you? Free your self from disjointed processes by electronically managing information. With ECMNOW!, you can use the records management module to ensure certifications, vendor contracts, and more are managed automatically, freeing up staff for more important tasks.

Enjoy Easy Setup
Need a system that is easy to setup and manage? Setup in hours versus days with ImageSilo, our cloud-based service that allows you to minimize IT burden by outsourcing hardware, software, and maintenance costs. Plus, unlimited users and data storage means the system will automatically grow as your institution does.

Integrate Seamlessly
Do you work with multiple systems? Combine multiple systems to simplify records management. ECMNOW! comes with easy to use point-and-click integrations that make it easy for you to share information with other line-of-business applications, improving the efficiency of the whole organization.

The goal for schools is always to save on operational costs in order to put more money into instruction. ECMNOW! allows us to improve staff efficiency and to convert storage space into classrooms, putting more of our budget to work for students.

Dr. Troy Whalen, Superintendent, Cook County School District #104

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