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If you are feeling overwhelmed by your current filing system or managing multiple sources of information, watch this quick video to see how to get EfficiencyNOW!, ControlNOW! and MoneyNOW!

Organize your documents with EfficiencyNOW!

Can you find every document you want right when you need it? How much is document retrieval slowing your business? Search for your documents quickly and efficiently with the only ECM system that provides EfficiencyNOW!

With the help of PaperVision® Capture and PaperVision® Enterprise, we’re able to ensure protection of more than 10,000 records. Vulnerable information is no longer just sitting in drawers. And the cost savings are remarkable. Digitech Systems’ products have helped us save more than $225,500!

- Mary Peelen, Director of Health Information Services, Mental Health Center of Denver (MHCD)

Our staff was so used to getting up and physically searching for records that we needed a simple solution that would be easy to adopt.

- Gina Eastin, Director of Revenue Cycle Services, Yuma District Hospital
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We used to have many boxes of claim file documents in the office, but not anymore. Things are clean, and our business processes run smoothly. We don’t have to worry about lost documents anymore, and we’re ready for the next electronic claim load.

- Ed Volk, Manager of IT, Western Guaranty Fund Services

Protect all of your sensitive information with ControlNOW!

Are your most important files at risk of being lost or damaged? How confident are you in your compliance with regulations? Don’t get caught unprepared and secure your information with the only ECM system that provides ControlNOW!

With a return like this, we are better able to focus our time and energy on serving our customers and meeting corporate goals. ImageSilo® has made us a better company.

- David J. Muno, Credit and Collections Manager, Vulcan Materials

While our EMR vendor provided us with the technology to begin implementing a paper-free office, PaperVision® Enterprise was the crucial solution for managing the thousands of existing patient records that needed to be swiftly, efficiently and reliably scanned into a format that could then be linked via interface to our EMR.

- Michaela Faella, Practice Administrator, AIG Clinic

Increase profits and see quick ROI with MoneyNOW!

How much money are you wasting on document storage? Are you throwing away money on an outdated filing system? Don’t get buried by files, or by high document storage costs. Move your documents to one electronic location and see how much you’ll save with the only ECM system that provides MoneyNOW!

We  scan documents as soon as they are received to eliminate passing paper documents around and gives the customer service department immediate access to information. Our PaperVision® Enterprise ECM system is so efficient that we will expand this technology to more of our document management practices.

- Carolyn Strawn, Manager of Imaging and New Business, Homesteaders Life Insurance Company

We are leveraging our ImageSilo® productivity gains to save people’s jobs. It enables us to do more with our current staff.

- Sandra McClure, Director of Finance, Adams School District 50

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