ECMNOW! Boosts Efficiency at Human Development Center

After implementing an Electronic Health Record (EHR) system, the Human Development Center (HDC) needed a way to scan remaining paper documents and move away from paper charts. In their search for a more accurate and easily implemented image management solution, they turned to ImageSilo® and saw benefits fast!




  • Documents are located two weeks faster and visits to off-site storage have decreased significantly
  • 100% of records are protected from disaster
  • HDC saves $70,000 in general administrative costs and sees $6,000 in storage savings
  • Workflows were set up on day one, and the non-profit was up and running in just one week

Mike-K-Pic“The price point was very attractive, especially for a non-profit organization. There were also no hardware acquisition costs. But the largest savings come in the efficiencies we’ve gained. With ImageSilo, we don’t have to request charts or read them on paper anymore. My staff just types in a client name and it’s instantly right in front of them! We’ve also stopped “hoping” documents are safe. With paper, if it was filed wrong, it was lost forever. I’m sold on this product!”

– Mike Kongsjord, Director of Information Security & Technology

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