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Improved productivity allowing them to grow the business, and have increased revenues by 50%

Document Imaging of the Southwest (DISW) was founded in 2003 by Mike and Tsenre Deveraux and started out as a small scanning bureau. As they grew, they had an opportunity to work with a new client who was using PaperVision® Enterprise and PaperFlow™. At the time, they had no knowledge of document management software or the associated scanning capture software. If they wanted to keep this client, they knew that they would need to be able to work with the software. In addition, “Our old equipment could only scan to image files and those had to be converted manually to other file formats.  Additionally, we didn’t have any color capabilities,” said Mrs. Deveraux. “It was becoming very apparent if we wanted to grow our business, we needed to find a better way.”

Since becoming a Digitech Systems reseller, and expanding their offerings to include Enterprise Content Management (ECM), and the ECMNOW! suite, they have improved the productivity of the entire office and increased revenue by 50%.

  • Scan client projects 40% faster
  • Shorter sales cycles and recurring revenue stabilize cash flow
  • Revenue has increased 50% since becoming a Digitech Systems reseller
The Business Goal

When Document Imaging of the Southwest first started processing boxes for scanning, they were limited to producing files for archive only—in black and white format. Scanning staff simply converted paper boxes to digital files, and DISW stored the files on cd/dvd for clients as they didn’t have any way to digitally manage the files. They were limited to the types of clients they could take on, and realized that there was so much more that they could offer. They knew they were in need of not only equipment upgrades, but software upgrades.

Initially, DISW went looking for a software solution and quickly realized they were actually looking for a manufacturing partner that would allow them to expand their offerings. “We realized that if we could offer our customers more options than simply scanning we could grow our business,” said Mr. Deveraux. As they began to look at various reseller agreements, they quickly realized not all offerings were the same. “It was important to us to be able to offer a solution that was not only high quality but one that came with really good support, as we didn’t have much experience in the ECM world,” said Mrs. Deveraux. As soon as they found Digitech Systems, they knew this was the right partner for them.

The Digitech Systems Solution

In 2006, DISW began working with Digitech Systems. They expanded their offerings to include cloud and on-premise ECM, workflow, and forms processing. They were excited to find out that Digitech Systems was willing to work with them to provide the training and sales support they would need to get started in the ECM industry. “We were also very pleased to find that every facet of the Digitech Systems philosophy involves quality and integrity. Everyone works to uphold these values every day,” Mrs. Deveraux said.

“We love PaperVision Capture! Our staff size varies based on projects, and being able to have remotely based employees improves our efficiency so much. It doesn’t matter where they are, if we  need them they can just login and get to work. We never have to stop the scanners.”

– Tsenre Deveraux, CFO and Director of Production
Document Imaging of the Southwest

Today, DISW has dramatically widened their offerings to include the entire suite of ECMNOW! products. “We can now fill multiple needs in terms of document management, other than just archive scanning,” said Mr. Deveraux. They also now have better marketing to go after those potential customers. “All the product sheets and industry briefs Digitech Systems provides help us create professional, plausible presentations,” said Mrs. Deveraux.

Currently, they are using PaperVision® Capture in-house to scan their client’s files, and those files are then sent to PaperVision Enterprise or ImageSilo® for storage and retrieval by their clients.

Thanks to the ECMNOW! suite, they can scan client projects 40% more quickly. “There is no comparison in productivity and time savings—especially with features like match and merge and auto-complete— which allow us to index faster. PaperVision Capture also allows us to do remote indexing, which means we never have to stop scanning,” said Mrs. Deveraux. PaperVision Capture completes customer projects more quickly allowing them to grow their customer base. “Our employees prefer using PaperVision Capture, because it has so many functions our other capture software just doesn’t have. Thanks to thumbnails, we can verify images so much faster, it really helps during quality control,” said Mrs. Deveraux. “Project turnaround time has improved significantly.”

DISW enjoys more control of their profitability thanks to the relationship with Digitech Systems. They can offer clients cloud-based document management services through ImageSilo, but also have the ability to implement PaperVision Enterprise for clients who prefer software on their own corporate network. Cloud-based customers pay a monthly fee for services, giving DISW consistent monthly revenue that they count on to make strategic business decisions.

DISW also benefits from shorter sales cycles, because they can offer complete solutions either in the cloud or with on-premise software. “Comprehensive solutions close deals faster,” said Mr. Deveraux. “Clients decide more quickly, because they get a complete information management system from one vendor and can see a more substantial ROI.” Overall, DISW sees larger sales that close more quickly, increasing revenue by 50%.

By far, the Deveraux’s favorite thing about working with Digitech Systems is the transparency and integrity of how the company operates. “Digitech Systems has been very consistent for years, and we really appreciate that. When we need help, we get it. We are not treated like a number. We sincerely appreciate the relationships that we have developed with Digitech Systems in many areas,” said Mr. Deveraux. DISW credits Digitech Systems for allowing them to improve the efficiency of their business which in turn has allowed them to grow and increase their revenue.


Document Imaging of the Southwest provides customized solutions for their clients by offering professional and personal attention. They maintain a commitment to the highest level of confidentiality and integrity, and they provide their clients with professional, secure, digital document solutions. Their experts will work to find the best solution for any sized company’s specific document storage needs. They are celebrating more than 14 years as one of the most trusted and reliable document scanning and records management companies in the Southwest. To learn more about Document Imaging of the Southwest, call 505.821.0841 or visit their website.

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