How Can Your Scanning Bureau Increase Productivity?

document imaging of the southwestIf your scanning bureau is still using physical and manual steps to process clients documents, you could be falling behind competitors and missing out on potential business. Physical processes are time-consuming and costly to businesses. Many scanning bureau business owners are realizing that in order to continue to grow their business they must improve their software offerings and scanning capabilities to accommodate growing customer expectations. 

Document Imaging of the Southwest was founded by Mike and Tsenre Deveraux and started out as a small scanning bureau. At first, their business was solely focused on processing and scanning boxes of files for clients. Unfortunately, they were limited to only being able to produce files for archiving purposes. Staff simply scanned and converted paper boxes to digital files that were stored on disks for clients, since they had no way to digitally send files. They were limited to the types of clients they could take on and realized that they needed to be able to offer more in order to grow their business. They went looking for a software solution and quickly realized they were actually looking for a trusted vendor they could partner with to expand their offerings.

Document Imaging of the Southwest became a Digitech Systems reseller in 2006 and have not looked back since. They expanded their offerings to include cloud and on-premise document management, workflow, and automation capabilities. They were excited to find out that Digitech Systems was willing to work with them to provide the training and sales support they would need to get started in the document management industry. Currently, they are using PaperVision® Capture in-house to scan their client’s files and PaperVision® Enterprise, an on-premise document management solution, or ImageSilo®, a cloud-based document management solution, for storage and retrieval of client files. Thanks to the Digitech Systems Product suite, they can scan client projects more quickly and have doubled their annual revenue.

"We love PaperVision Capture! Our staff size varies based on projects, and being able to have remotely based employees improves our efficiency so much. It does not matter where they are, if we need them they can just login and get to work. We never have to stop the scanners."

- Tsenre Deveraux, CFO and Director of Production, Document Imaging of the Southwest