DataXport Expects $350,000 in Savings with PaperVision® Capture




Needed a single solution that would meet all their needs and improve scanning and indexing productivity


PaperVision® Capture

Recognized Benefit

Implemented a flexible software system that handles all customer requirements, shaves off hours of inefficiencies and creates $350,000 in savings each year

Time is money and no one understands that more than DataXport, a data management company in El Paso, TX. Their livelihood depends on their ability to quickly convert millions of paper documents to accurate electronic information. In fact, Director of Operations Jorge Fernandez dedicates all his time to ensuring process efficiency and to helping the company consistently deliver quality levels of 99.975%. So, he was ecstatic when he learned that new information capture software could help him reduce errors and increase output.

Key Benefits

  • Improved productivity by 10% in just two weeks
  • Expected savings of $350,000 each year
  • Increased document recognition rates from 93% to 99%
  • Decreased the potential for human error and reduced hours of inefficiencies in the business process
  • Enabled employees to earn more money from production-based pay incentives

Just two weeks after implementing PaperVision Capture, DataXport recognized productivity improvements of 10%. And after full implementation they expect their productivity gains to increase savings by $350,000 each year.

The Situation

With more than 230 employees between their two locations, DataXport ( provides cost effective and quality business process outsourcing services to companies that need assistance with back office functions. Working primarily with a major rebate processing company, DataXport is an expert in handling and processing multiple manufacturer mail-in rebates.

Each year, DataXport converts more than 30 million rebates into electronic files. To successfully handle such high volumes, they customized their own scanning and indexing system specifically for rebate processing, but it was not flexible enough to accommodate other customer projects. When DataXport needed to scan and index school or healthcare records, employees had to switch to a different software package, which took more time and slowed productivity. Most of all, managing multiple third-party software systems for different imaging capabilities created confusion for workers who hadn’t been trained on every application.

However, for all their rebates, the system was sufficient. More than 200 operators scanned 133 million images each year, including envelopes, receipts, UPC labels and forms. After scanning each document group or batch, operators stopped and reviewed all images before transferring them to the next available quality control auditor. Finally, indexing clerks read the documents and manually entered index field values. In order to avoid bottlenecks and enhance productivity, six supervisors closely monitored the flow of document batches between the three task groups.

Envelopes were a significant part of their business process, because each one marked a new rebate transaction and a new set of documents. The DataXport system could not automatically insert a document break for each one, so the operator had to manually push a button each time an envelope was scanned—nearly every fourth document! This opened the door to simple human error that could create a domino effect of inefficiencies. “If a consumer or customer called us and suspected we had missed a rebate, it was not a good day,” said Fernandez. Because DataXport pays employees based on the number of rebates processed, a loss in productivity also meant a loss in earnings for both staff and managers.

The Solution

DataXport knew about PaperVision Capture and its unlimited flexibility, because Fernandez had experience working with Digitech Systems’ other Enterprise Content Management (ECM) products. “We knew that PaperVision Capture would be a great choice, because their other products offer incredible reliability and real dollar value,” said Fernandez. He was also impressed, because PaperVision Capture worked out-of-the-box for their smaller customer projects, but it could also be highly customized for their rebate scanning process.

Once the decision was made, DataXport chose to do a phased implementation for their Juarez, Mexico and El Paso offices. In August 2009, they installed PaperVision Capture for 25 employees. Installation took ten minutes for each workstation and training required just 15 minutes. Their results thus far have been remarkable, and the solution will be rolled out to all employees in 2010.

Recognized Benefits

Within just a few days, the company noticed productivity improvements of up to 10%, because PaperVision Capture enabled them to perfect their rebate scanning process. The flexible custom code toolkit is the key to their new achievements. DataXport can implement any software feature using off-the-shelf sample code scripts and help from Digitech Systems’ Professional Services Division. These custom-made capabilities are shaving off hours of inefficiencies.

“PaperVision Capture is enabling us to achieve that extra degree of perfection. We’ve seen a 10% improvement in our employee productivity, which will result in significant increases in both DataXport’s profitability and in personnel paychecks.”

-Jorge Fernandez, Director of Operations

For example, they tailored the system to recognize envelopes and create document breaks automatically. The software saves each scanning and indexing step, so Fernandez can easily reuse existing jobs to build more time-saving scanning and indexing processes for other customer projects. Additionally, the software “reads” and validates index fields against an external database of 20,000 records. “Finally, we have a single platform that allows us to make adjustments or modifications with little effort. With one easy product we can do anything and everything our customers ask of us,” said Fernandez.

Paper conversions are faster and more accurate than ever before, and for the first time, new staff members are quickly reaching production levels of highly seasoned employees. After eliminating manual document breaks, DataXport saw envelope recognition accuracy increase from 93% to 99%. Operators used to stop and review images after scanning 50 documents, but with larger batch sizes they stop only after every 150 documents. Plus, employees report less eye strain due to the user-friendly functionality. Quality audits are faster too, thanks to a preview window showing a thumbnail version of each document. Indexing quality has also improved, because operators can correct index fields at any step. Now, workers are experiencing fewer interruptions, stopping less and processing more rebates.

Even supervisors are feeling the benefits. Before, they were heavily involved in overseeing processes, but now the software manages the workflow for them and provides live performance reports. Today, supervisors save two hours each week, because they can easily evaluate and reassign duties on the fly. “Productivity is our number one priority and we’re gaining more of it every day as we make the switch to PaperVision Capture,” said Fernandez.

Based on their implementation and performance to date, Fernandez expects profitability improvements of 5% in Juarez and 10% in the El Paso location. He also anticipates savings as high as $350,000 and substantial profit increases for 2010. Plus, Fernandez says the business is growing and these productivity benefits will help DataXport reallocate staff to new projects and expand their customer base without increasing the company workforce.

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