Dallas County Moves to a Paperless Office with ECMNOW!

As a busy county government office, Dallas County, IA is comprised of many departments. Because space is scarce, a paperless office has become their goal. They turned to ECMNOW! and Panasonic to help with scanning, storage, retrieval, and process concerns. Many departments in the county have already switched to a digital office, with many more to come. Their Panasonic scanner has made document scanning quick and painless.


  • Using PaperVision® Enterprise WorkFlow, many departments have reduced their processing time saving the county thousands of hours
  • Saved 100% of documents from loss, theft, or destruction by natural disaster
  • Converted storage rooms into office space, reclaiming nearly $36,000 per year
  • Implemented in only one day per department

ToddNoah_web“Since we started implementing ECMNOW!, other departments have been able to see firsthand the benefits of going paperless within a county office environment. PaperVision Enterprise makes it easy for county staff to access and share documents as needed.”

– Todd Noah, Information Services Director

Implementation provided by Imagetek. Contact them at www.imagetek-inc.com or at 1.800.422.1330.

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