Many healthcare practitioners have invested in Electronic Medical Records (EMRs), but have not yet digitized the rest of their office documents and files. ECM can help while improving efficiency and saving money.

Is You Healthcare Organization Compliant with HIPAA?

Automating processes have helped the Children’s Hospital of New Orleans reduce document retrieval times from minutes down to seconds!

Would You Like to Streamline Your Auditing Process?

With ImageSilo®, Genzyme Corporation streamlined auditing processes and eliminated physical file storage space.

Is Your Organization Looking To Offer Cloud Solutions?

GRACE Records Management partnered with Digitech Systems to build a cloud document management offering, enabling them to meet expanding customer needs and grow revenue.

Want to Streamline Records Management For Your Hospital?

ImageSilo® offers the University of Illinois Medical Center an automated comprehensive reporting and auditing structure, enabling staff to streamline processes.

How Can You Increase Staff Productivity in Your Healthcare Organization?

Community Reach Center eliminated thousands of dollars in annual offsite storage costs by automating processes.

How Does ImageSilo® Enable Compliance For Your Healthcare Organization?

ImageSilo® helped National Jewish Medical and Research Center improve information security in compliance with HIPAA regulations.

How Can Managing Patient Records Digitally Improve Productivity?

Frisbie Memorial Hospitals’ Health Information Management (HIM) department improves response time for patient information requests, increasing staff productivity and improving customer service.

Do You Need Help Integrating Paper and Your EHR?

AllHealth Network utilizes uses both a document management system and electronic health system to securely manage all types of patient records, saving thousands of staff productivity hours and dollars annually.

American healthcare providers continue moving forward with their conversion to electronic medical records (EMRs). More than 3,300 hospitals have received money from the Medicare and Medicaid electronic health record (EHR) Incentive Programs for meaningfully using the technology. The standards for Stage 2 have been announced for the meaningful use of EHR. Are you ready to comply? Sean Morris weighs in on the challenges and opportunities the new standards offer.