City of Baton RougeThere are thousands of law enforcement departments throughout the United States. The typical law enforcement department uses multiple electronic systems to manage records, each department has one system for internal record management and access to multiple national systems that departments must constantly update. Using multiple systems to manage records makes record retrieval and sharing difficult. Multiple records systems are also costly and difficult to maintain.

The Baton Rouge Police Department serves and protects hundreds of thousands of residents throughout the Louisiana state capital area. In the mid-1990s department staff began scanning and managing records electronically using multiple systems. The problem with their current systems was both of their systems were difficult to use, offered minimal support, did not integrate well with any outside systems, and was unable to accommodate the rapidly growing city population. Managing records across multiple systems made record retrieval a time-consuming task, frustrating staff and costly to the department. Staff knew it was time to find a solution that let their department manage records in one single system.

Staff worked with Digitech Systems reseller, C.F. Biggs to build a single electronic solution. They chose to implement a solution that included PaperFlow to scan and index records and PaperVision® Enterprise, an on-premise document management solution, to securely store and manage records. Staff was able to implement the system and train administrators in only one day. Thanks to the ability to seamlessly add licenses, the staff is able to simply add other departments to the system and support the growing community. In addition to quick implementation, they have reduced document retrieval times and save thousands of dollars annually.

"All technical problems disappeared. The software has a homey feel to it making it easy to learn and use. The system does what you want, when you want it to do it."

- Records Management Department, Baton Rouge Police Department