Did You Know Digitech Systems is Dedicated to Keeping Your Data Secure?

Over the past 18 years, our customers have enjoyed 99.9973% uptime – an unheard of standard for such a lengthy period of time. These results come from four things:

  1. We are incredibly blessed
  2. We have an incredibly talented and dedicated staff of engineers and administrators
  3. ImageSilo® was designed from the ground up to run as a multitenant service
  4. We made it our business to become subject matter experts in every aspect of the operations of our environment, especially when it comes to protecting your data

We here at Digitech Systems are dedicated to keeping your data secure. Our engineering philosophy is data integrity, then data security, then data availability – in that order. Data integrity is first and foremost, as there is no point in securing or providing data if it is lost or altered. Data security comes before availability as we believe that securing your data is paramount to making it available; in other words, we don’t sacrifice the security of your data in exchange for making sure it’s available. Our ImageSilo engineering and administration teams have a particularly intense security posture.

Every one of our engineers is expected to be fully trained, qualified, and highly proficient in every aspect of our offering, whether that be networking, databases, Windows, Linux/Unix, load-balancers, storage arrays, etc. We went to great pains to architect systems, power, network, and databases that are highly available, fault-tolerant, and exceedingly performant to scale. This level of expertise is what make Digitech Systems, and ImageSilo, unique in the industry.

Now that ImageSilo is hosted on Amazon Web Service (AWS), it has provided us with numerous benefits that would allow independent software developers such as ourselves to integrate AWS and ImageSilo to allow us to provide a next-generation computing platform to our customers.



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