Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the fastest-growing market segments overall. According to Tractica, the AI market will grow from $202 million to $11 billion by 2024! Software development is advancing to the next level with the integration of AI algorithms into business applications to be a long-term trend that will impact the Enterprise Content Management (ECM) industry.

Organizations continually demand process efficiency and cost savings within departments to minimize delays and streamline processes. Some people fear that AI threatens to automate the work humans do. What those people do not realize is that AI is not simply used to automate more tasks, it actually enables employees to take advantage of their unique human abilities. AI automation can be used to replicate low-level job tasks all the way up to highly complex. Think about the monotonous tasks that most employees complain or dread doing... well AI can be used to automate those dreaded tasks and open up employees to make the most of their human advantage.

AI-based technologies offer exciting possibilities for businesses to improve process efficiencies, boost control of information, and save money. Narrative Science reports 80% of businesses believe AI improves worker performance and creates jobs. AI makes it possible to reconceptualize work, not as a set of discrete tasks for a process, but as a collaborative solution effort where humans define the problems, machines help find the solutions, and humans verify the solutions are qualified.

Use this infographic and learn what is driving the explosive growth in AI!