APYXX Supports Successful Business Solely on Digitech Systems Products



PROBLEM: Existing ECM offerings were rigid and didn’t appeal to local markets

PaperVision® Enterprise and ImageSilo®

 Built a profitable business based on a flexible ECM product suite and a dedicated partnership that supported APYXX through Hurricane Katrina

Supports a successful business selling a single product

Provides flexible ECM solutions that meet local market needs

Increased customers by 97% and attributes 100% of revenue growth to PaperVision® Enterprise


Stoney Ware started APYXX Technologies in 1998 to help independent insurance companies manage and maintain constant access to thousands of policy and claim documents. In the early days he sold paper forms and filing solutions, but his sales offerings soon grew into Enterprise Content Management (ECM) technology. While the increasing demand to manage information electronically drove his business, Ware was growing more and more unsatisfied with his technology offering and existing reseller agreement. He needed a partner and an ECM product that provided more flexibility and applicability to his local market.

Since becoming a Digitech Systems reseller in 1999, APYXX has increased its customer base by 97% and created a sustainable business based on a single product suite and long lasting relationships.

Business Goal

Before APYXX joined Digitech Systems, Ware was becoming a trusted document management consultant in Louisiana, and his clients were asking him about technologies to convert their paper documents to electronic files. Eager to help, Ware immediately started selling an all-in-one solution that included a scanner and document capture software. While the offering was successful, Ware needed more versatility and a flexible price structure for his customers. “Our customers were locked into buying the complete system, and if they wanted to increase speed or double the amount of pages they could scan per minute, the cost also doubled. It wasn’t a fair pricing system,” said Ware. The agreement between APYXX and the manufacturer didn’t make doing business easy either. “As a reseller, we had to commit to a $70,000 upfront investment in hardware. There just wasn’t enough flexibility,” he said.

The Digitech Systems Solution

After Ware decided to phase out the rigid all-in-one capture solution, he started looking for a new document management offering. New Orleans is saturated with small and medium-sized businesses, which made it risky for APYXX to sell more expensive technology that pushed the limits of his customers’ budgets. “The majority of local businesses are really looking for sophisticated technology without the sophisticated price. So I needed a solution that fit our market’s needs while still being scalable for large enterprise operations,” said Ware.

During his search, he heard about the advantages Digitech Systems’ ECM technology provides over other offerings. “When I got back into the office, I called Digitech Systems and got signed up to sell their products,” Ware said. “I never went back to looking at other solutions, because Digitech Systems’ products were such a good fit for our customers and for our business model. He knew 
PaperVision Enterprise would sell, because it consistently met customer needs, it came with a storage database and retrieval capabilities that many other offerings didn’t include and it allowed APYXX to sell into any industry. “We were looking for a company that had a great product, spent the time and money to continually develop and upgrade the product and would support us when we needed it. Digitech Systems provided that for us,” he said.

“We’ve never needed to sell anything else. We increased our customer base 97% and built a profitable business solely on PaperVision Enterprise.”

-Stoney Ware, 
CEO and President



Within a few years the company grew into a sustainable business that supported itself selling only Digitech Systems products. As a result, APYXX increased efficiency by avoiding sign-on fees, upfront investments and training costs associated with selling additional products. They increased their customer base 97% and attribute 100% of their revenue growth to PaperVision Enterprise. Over the years, APYXX has consistently earned recognition as a top performing reseller.

The flexibility of the products and the reseller partnership enabled the company to thrive. “Digitech Systems fit easily into our business strategy, because they don’t restrain success. There’s no strict pricing models or complex licensing, so we have the freedom to decide what pricing structures work best for our local market and what industries to target,” said Ware.

During the last 13 years, Digitech Systems has expanded its product line, and Ware’s business grew simultaneously. The ECM technology includes several choices that create a customizable solution. For instance, customers can choose traditional software or cloud ECM services and then activate additional functionalities like workflow, email management and more. “The products became a total document management package that allowed us to go back to existing customers and sell additional add-on components. As a result, we became an entrenched part of their information management strategy. With a strong customer base, we were able to continue to penetrate the insurance market and expand into others,” said Ware.

At the height of APYXX’s success, Ware wondered if his business was too dependent upon a single set of products. “It made me a little nervous that our livelihood was wrapped up in one company, so we signed on to sell a competitive ECM product. The sales were dismal. Every time I went to quote our two product offerings, Digitech Systems was always the product of choice. The features and functionality were so close, but Digitech Systems always offered a better price—particularly when it came to professional services. PaperVision Enterprise proved its value again and again. We never sold the other product, so we dropped it,” explained Ware.

Today, APYXX’s business continues to thrive selling only Digitech Systems products. Ware feels confident about business stability and Digitech Systems’ dedication to the reseller channel—especially after their relationship was tested by one of the five deadliest hurricanes in U.S. history. When Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans in 2005, Ware’s booming business was devastated overnight. “We lost employees, customers, our office, everything,” said Ware. “But amongst all that uncertainty, Digitech Systems was there for us—doing everything they could—helping me every step of the way.” As a value-based organization, Digitech Systems stands by its partners and operates with integrity. During the crisis it supported APYXX and its customers. “When I came back to the city in February 2006, I started over and was able to build the business again. I appreciate everything they did for us. They’re a truly devoted partner.”


Today, APYXX continues to prosper, because they have a vendor dedicated to reseller success and an ECM product that meets the needs of small to medium-sized businesses as well as large enterprises. “The Digitech Systems annual reseller conference has also proved invaluable in helping us take our next steps towards rebuilding and expanding APYXX’s document scanning services,” said Ware. In 2011, he used conference networking opportunities to form a friendship with another top performing reseller, who is now teaching Ware their scanning best practices. “This community has supported us through thick and thin,” said Ware. “Because of all the generous people, our business isn’t just back to normal—it’s better than that it ever was before.”

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