All Island Gastroenterology and Liver Associates LogoFor most healthcare organizations, providing the best quality of patient care is their number one priority. Despite having Electronic Health Records (EHR) systems in place, many healthcare providers still use paper to manually manage processes and patient records. This practice is time-consuming, error-prone, and is a drain on valuable resources within any organization.

With over 15,000 patients, All Island Gastroenterology and Liver Associates (AIG) was overflowing with paper records. The file cabinets and boxes were taking over the entire office. Not to mention, finding records in the endless boxes and cabinets was taking away from the productivity of AIG employees and affecting the experience of their patients. AIG knew that they needed a system that integrated with their current EHR system while also providing a quick and easy way to locate and distribute patient records.

AIG found their solution by digitizing and managing their records with PaperVision® Enterprise, an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system, thanks to Digitech Systems reseller, Digiscribe. With PaperVision Enterprise, AIG was able to eliminate their paper clutter and focus their space on bringing in a new doctor and increasing their revenue. In fact, according to an independent ROI analysis by Nucleus Research, AIG demonstrated an 879% ROI and full project payback in just 3 months! 

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