How can your organization benefit from implementing a Digital Mailroom?

“79% of organizations realize that they must transform into a true digital business in order to survive.”- AIIM

Organizations often receive and distribute incoming communications via physical delivery or email. This process tends to be costly, time-consuming, and lacks the security that protects business information from cyber attacks and natural disaster. How does it work? Instead of manually processing every invoice, memo, or document that you receive in the mail or email, communications are scanned, captured, and distributed to recipients in your organization electronically by the scanning bureau. Your information is protected by five levels of security, while in transmission and at rest. The automation of mail processing is commonly called a Digital Mailroom, which helps your business access your mail from anywhere, anytime.

The recent increase in remote workers has made it clear that working remotely requires access to the files employees need to do their jobs, no matter their physical location. Traditional document management solutions lack the advanced security features that businesses need to keep their information safe from prying eyes. By making documents and information easily accessible to only those with permission, Digital Mailrooms provide organizations the ability to enable secure remote collaboration for their employees.

Digitization of incoming and outgoing communications saves organizations money by eliminating the need for physical storage of paper-based documents. Your mail and email is scanned and converted to an electronic format of your choice, then sorted within your Enterprise Content Management (ECM) application. Managing incoming and outgoing communications electronically offers other critical benefits for organizations, such as the ability to easily organize and index documents, automate processes and tasks, and simple setup for records retention. Indexing your electronic mail makes it easier to locate, send, and automate data within the ECM application.

Is the Digital Mailroom right for you and your organization? To help understand how it works, we have put together this simple process diagram. Here are the steps that make up a Digital Mailroom:


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