Top recommended shifts to support worker productivity: cloud, automation, employee experience, and technology purchasing

Our world is a noisy place. Distractions are a constant. And now more of us are starting to work at least partly from home with the interruptions that can bring. (Forrester estimates that 60% of US businesses will attempt a hybrid work model.) All of this comes with a cost: A decrease in the quality of our decisions, our work and our lives.

Forrester estimates that 60% of US businesses will attempt a hybrid work model.

How can you simplify your work and limit the disruptions? One important step you can take is to use computers and information management systems that work securely and effectively regardless of whether you’re in the office, at home or traveling.

Here are some of the ways technology is helping simplify work:

  1. Work From Anywhere (WFX)- Secure, controlled work environments
  2. Automation- Improves workers' experience by automating routine tasks.
  3. Craft Focused Work Environments- Quiet distractions by adding technologies that help employees experience fewer disruptions.
  4. Pay only for the features you need; stop spending on unnecessary licenses and services.

Watch the "4 Key Trends Simplifying Work in 2022" video to learn more!

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