What if your business could speed up business processes with the ability to route information anywhere, anytime? Improve the productivity of your entire organization with digital workflows!
What if your business could implement a single system to improve efficiency? Increase productivity and provide excellent customer service by implementing the simple, searchable Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system: PaperVision® Enterprise.
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A System of Record (SoR) enables organizations of any size to effectively organize, manage, and protect their vital records to streamline business processes, simplify team collaboration, and reduce operating costs. This infographic defines a vital record and shows you what vital records you should and should not be managing with a SoR.
There are three key attributes high-functioning IT team members share that are identifiable in your initial interviews: Desire, willingness, and “teachability.” Read this article to learn why hiring people with these key traits can help you build a successful IT team.
PaperVision® makes it easy to gain control of records and to execute retention and destruction policies efficiently.
Stop throwing away money on paper forms. Start collecting and routing your information electronically to enable complete digital transformation for your business.
Are you looking for a system that makes managing your information easy? We are pleased to share that the folks at Insight Success recently named Digitech Systems’ PaperVision® product suite as their top content services platform of 2020! Watch this video to see what their editors and other
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Imagine how smoothly business processes would run if you had this much control over your information! This video explores and how it’s powerful document management features help businesses to succeed.
Has your organization started business planning and strategizing for this year? Our Marketing Manager, Christina Robbins, recently wrote an article for Workflow OTG sharing why if you’re not selling or marketing to these specific business needs, 2021 is the year to start!
Has work from home (WFH) exposed challenges in how you’re processing important information that comes in the mail? Handling your own email and mail can be expensive! In this Medium article our CEO, HK Bain, shares 9 ways that improving access to mail and email can help you improve business.