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PaperVision Forms Magic Technology Honored by Buyer’s Laboratory
Digitech PaperVision Forms Magic OA Cropped
Buyer’s Laboratory recognizes PaperVision Forms Magic Technology with an Outstanding Achievement in Innovation Award for moving the forms processing industry forward. Check out why their analysts call our artificial intelligence engine “a touch of magic.”
The PaperVision Forms Magic technology is now available as a component of PaperVision® Capture, bringing accurate document recognition and classification along with data extraction to customers.
Move your data to the cloud with ImageSilo, a cloud-based Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system and rid yourself of IT headaches and costs.
By using PaperFlow, you can capture critical business information right from your workstation and installation takes minutes.
Capture, integrate, and distribute documents AND data quickly and efficiently with PaperVision Capture!
Rather than sending data to a printer, PaperVision Enterprise Report Management receives the data and converts it from a print stream into an electronic report document.
PaperVision Capture has been awarded an Outstanding Document Capture Software Award from the analysts at Buyer’s Lab (BLI).