Did you know that your EMR is only one piece of a larger record management puzzle? Find out how to improve the quality of patient care and ease your health records transition with ECM.
Integrate forms fully into your business processes by recognizing and classifying them automatically and extracting critical business data on the fly with PaperVision Forms Magic Technology!
Integrate COLD/ERM data fully into your business processes by converting print streams into practical electronic reports with PaperVision Enterprise Report Mangement!
The launch of machine learning in the document capture space can lead to big savings for customers. Learn more about the potential offered by the PaperVision® Forms Magic™ technology.
Our CEO, HK Bain, weighs in on a discussion of improving business productivity. Find out what twenty experts have to say.
Since adding Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities, Digitech Systems partner, NECS, has been able to steadily grow their business and build revenue.
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Digitech Systems announces the launch of PaperVision Forms Magic technology (the FM technology)
MSI Mold Builders digitized their AP processes and cut down on processing time for invoices received monthly.
The newest PaperVision Capture includes special features to improve insurance claims processes. Find out why CIO says it will reduce claims costs, streamline workflows, and speed processing.
San Diego Christian College has utilized automated processes to enhance control of their student records, increasing security.