Are you spending time looking for files rather than running your business?

Free yourself with ECMNOW! Our products give you the flexibility you need to solve virtually any information management challenge.


“We used to send copies of information back and forth between the offices. Now, accounts payable records are scanned in Connecticut when they are received, and they are instantly accessible to our employees in Charleston, SC. ImageSilo® has already eliminated most of the inter-office phone calls, emails, and faxes concerning invoices and other Tea Plantation records. It’s a huge win for the company.”

Noreen Clough, Accounting Manager, R.C. Bigelow Company

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Manufacturers must improve quality, reduce waste, enforce standards, comply with regulations and minimize costs to succeed. Learn more about how to create process efficiency for your manufacturing business while simultaneously reducing records management costs and improving your customer service.

Compliance and Industry Briefs

Manufacturing Industry brief

Does your records system make you more competitive in the marketplace?

ECMNOW! uses electronic information management to simplify control and to unify records systems that save you money.

Case Studies

Bigelow Tea Achieves 813% ROI and Two-Month Payback with ImageSilo®

What if you could get rid of your paper documents and make your money back within 2 months?

Bigelow Tea implemented ImageSilo® and saw an 813% ROI in just 2 months!

Cardell Cabinetry Gets 101% ROI with PaperVision Enterprise

How much money are you spending on paper filing and storing processes?

Cardel Cabinetry saves $145,000 annually and achieved 101% ROI within a year with ECMNOW!

Commercial Metals Company Centralizes AP Processes and Saves $132,000 a Year with ImageSilo®

How are your accounts payable (AP) tasks structured today?

Commercial Metals Company utilized ImageSilo® and PaperVision® Enterprise Workflow to centralize AP services for 40 metal recycling yards.

PaperVision Enterprise Boosts Productivity for Federal White Cement Employees by Reducing Document Retrieval Times

How efficient are your document retrieval processes?

With PaperVision® Enterprise, Federal White Cement reduces document retrieval times from hours to seconds and improves operating efficiency.

ImageSilo Streamlines Financial Auditing Processes for Genzyme Corporation

Could your auditing process be more efficient?

With ImageSilo®, Genzyme Corporation streamlined financial auditing processes and stopped the loss of misplaced documents.