FREE PaperVision® SharePoint® Tools

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Want to get more critical business documents into SharePoint so you can streamline processes and save money? As the Kings of Capture for SharePoint, Digitech Systems is offering PaperVision® SharePoint Tools at no charge. This tool allows you to send documents from Windows® Explorer and print documents from any Windows application directly into SharePoint!

“Anyone struggling to copy files over to SharePoint can now do so, and the process is simple enough that any user can be tasked with a batch job. ...So, if anyone needs a handy tool to get some odd files into SharePoint, here's a free solution that does the job with minimal fuss.”

CMS Wire in a March 2011 article "Digitech Offers Free SharePoint Document Upload Tool"

FREE PaperVision SharePoint Tools

Do More with SharePoint


Want to leverage your SharePoint system to increase efficiency, enhance security and compliance, and better manage all your information? You can with Digitech Systems technologies.


Manage Paper Documents in SharePoint
What are you doing about paper? With PaperFlow, you can quickly and easily access paper documents in SharePoint. Or, use PaperVision® Capture to integrate paper documents with your SharePoint implementation enterprise-wide.


Put Even More Security Behind Your SharePoint Information
Worried about regulations? PaperVision® Enterprise and ImageSilo® can strengthen information security and simplify compliance.


Access More Workflow Features
Want to further streamline your document processes? PaperVision® Enterprise WorkFlow increases your efficiency.


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Get More Value from SharePoint®

Want to get more of your electronic files into SharePoint…for FREE?
Wouldn’t it be nice to find business information you’re currently storing in filing cabinets in your SharePoint libraries instead? Digitech Systems offers tools and products that extend the value you’re currently getting from your SharePoint investment.

Expand Your Sales Opportunities with PaperVision® Capture

Researchers report 86% of business information is still on paper. Want to get your paper documents into your SharePoint implementation?
Digitech Systems PaperVision Capture makes scanning for SharePoint a breeze.

Digiscribe Makes Profitable Strategy Shift and Builds Ongoing Revenue

How could you expand your business into additional markets?
Because they can offer either a departmental installation or an enterprise-wide system to their customers, Digiscribe is able to sell to industries they were previously unable to.

FREE SharePoint® Tools

Did you know that nearly 2/3 of organizations either already use or are planning to deploy Microsoft SharePoint?
PaperVision SharePoint Tools allows you to send files from Windows Explorer and print documents from any Windows application directly into your SharePoint implementation. It’s the easiest way in the world to get your documents into your SharePoint, and it’s FREE! Download the tool NOW!


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